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Dongke (Shenzhen) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Anti-Modern Slavery and Anti-population Propaganda Statement

Dongke Company observe the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code which is an internationally recognised set of labour standards based on ILO conventions. and We declare that Dongke company implements it to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking within the organization or within the business supply chain

Dongke Company is committed to abide by the principles of good corporate citizenship and the highest ethical standards. Dongke Company is a professional PPE manufacturer, committed to designing, producing and selling PPE to ensure safer production and life for people in various regions, and ultimately improve the quality of life of humans around the world. Due to the technical and professional nature of our business, we believe that Dongke’s risk of engaging in modern slavery and human trafficking is extremely low. Moreover, we have not heard or noticed any cases of forced labor. We are well aware of the complexity of modern population slavery, so we will make more efforts to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Act.

Dongke‘s industry standards and employee manuals are the behavioral guidance to ensure that Dongke conducts its business with the highest ethical standards and integrity under the premise of complying with applicable laws and regulations.

This statement is intended to declare to Dongke’s employees, contractors, suppliers, providers and other partners that have business dealings with Dongke that Dongke will never allow any business activities that constitute human trafficking or slavery. We are committed to implementing a zero tolerance policy for human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain. Dongke has carried out compliance training for the affected departments and has communicated this statement to the supplier community.

Any actual or suspicious violations should be reported to the Dongke Supervision Committee immediately.

We will continue to update this statement as necessary to improve our compliance procedure

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