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Product friendly interactive Xie Peng: five major technical innovation to solve the core problem of brand marketing

April 13th, I visited the city‘s founder Yao Jinbo about 58. At five o’clock in the afternoon, in the Ubp 58 headquarters office area, I was told that "sorry, Yaozong is in an emergency meeting, after the end of the will as soon as possible back to drive." But it‘s not until dinner, Yao.

Jin Bo has not yet seen. In the afternoon of the next day, I promised to see Yao Jinbo, the first question is: unless there is a very urgent thing, or you will not fail to keep an appointment, the yesterday’s emergency meeting whether and rumors of 58 and market with about?

Yao Jinbo blankly said: with virtual Ukraine has passed yanzi. Coincidentally, before an interview with Yao Jinbo, my colleagues and I had and several Ganji CEO Yang Hao emerges and fair PR team meeting, communication, turning to the market and 58 merger rumors and other deride the

In the nose. In fact, the two sides are not only strongly denied rumors, may be due to the ten years of competition, the conversation is very tacit agreement to the opponent is not very friendly.

In April 17th, 58 city and Ganji announced the merger.

The open letter said: the removal of 58 city foreign investment, and will use the 5:5 convertible form." Yao Jinbo and Yang Haoyong appear in front of the media, the new company‘s joint CEO identity.

This is the old enemy of the performance out of a lot of people to understand as a face of the public’s attitude. If the company‘s business is still only classified information, I may be willing to continue to work hard for ten years." Yang Haoyong said.

"Information classification"

The first half of 2015, the Internet circle conference almost by 58 and fair shuabing:

On March 2, 58 city to the media confirmed to cash and stock (the amount of the transaction to 2.6701_yi billion) acquisition of a wholly-owned real estate leasing information platform live off, 58 city real estate business and housing for the integration of customer new 58 live off the premises


Yao Jinbo in the explanation of "why live off" said: live off to develop online to find housing industry, and 58 city real estate product development in the past also to live off mode have many references, after the merger of the two will have many synergies, housing, the second

Hand housing, new home areas will go more easily. Live off founder and CEO Liang Weiping: has two advantages, such as live guest in big cities and high-end real estate is ahead, and 58 city in just need room and three or four line city

City is more ahead, the two are not completely overlapping. Therefore, live off the site, brand, APP and other complete retention, 58 will cherish the home off the brand and users.

At the same time, limited to the real estate market, especially second-hand housing, rental housing have to rely on the characteristics of complex line transactions and services, new business group remained localized to maintain a good cooperative relationship in the real estate platform, and the traditional intermediary.

The market certainly unwilling to remain out of the limelight. A month later, fair 58 announced three days prior to the merger, the fair announced and mobile Internet real estate transaction platform real lot entered into a strategic partnership. Housing a lot of "selling point" is to trade (rather than information) for the guidance, and embrace

There are more than 2000 people on the line to push the team and more than 5000 Broker‘s Firm, and strive to ensure that the O2O closed loop line. After the cooperation, a lot of room will own all the new resources synchronization channel and the market real estate market settled, the advantage is of course flow